Danube Watch – Article About Our School

Danube Watch – Article About Our School

Due to the winning trip to the European cities – Ljubljana, Vienna and Budapest, in May 2017, by the EU office in the Republic of Serbia, people still talk and write  about High School UŠĆE (then the Secondary School for Law and Economics)

On the competition titled If You Have Anything to Say – Say, Sara, Nevena i Kristina, made a set of 26 photos with their ecology teacher Daniela.

Their efforts were rewarded and did not remain unnoticed beyond the borders of our country. In January 2018,  the international journal Danube Watch, No. 2/2017, published by the International Commission for the Preservation of the Danube River, ICPDR, headquartered in Vienna, printed a text about our school, about the prize-winning journey, our students and their teacher.

While we are preparing to participate in other competitions, enjoy the text …