Teaching in the school is organized in small groups and in a pleasant atmosphere in the relations of mutual respect and appreciation. With enrollment at High School UŠĆE students enter the academic environment, where schools use teaching base of the faculty as the member of the IOS, which already have established cooperation for professional practice in enterprises, public administration, law firms, courts, agencies, banks, chambers of commerce, private businesses and other appropriate institutions and organizations. Practical work is organized in a virtual simulation company, moot court, rhetorical exercise, solving economic and legal problems, establishing their own companies, writing petitions, complaints, appeals, business letters about the culture of business communication etc. The goal is to train students to be involved in the process of working or to set up their own business in the shortest possible time.

High School UŠĆE is a unique institution because it has human resources formed with people who are young and people who have a lot of teaching experience. Accelerated everyday changes that accompany the development of science require the need for new knowledge, skills and abilities, which requires the teachers to follow the results of new scientific and technological achievements. According to that, the founder of the School is dedicated to the idea of continuous training of teachers, in order to adequately respond to new challenges in the field of education and to transfer knowledge to their students that are in line with the needs of the modern world. To make students acquire broad knowledge, in addition to the prescribed mandatory curricula in the education process, except teachers in High School UŠĆE, professors and assistants from faculties, who are the part of the IOS, as well as numerous guest speakers and professionals will take part in teaching.


The school has modern equipment, and the pupils are allowed to use modern information technology (electronic boards, computers, tablet computers, etc.), laboratories, creative workshops, thematic classrooms and the like. Tablets that students receive upon enrollment, are used in teaching and as an electronic report card. The pupils can access the recorded hours of instruction, electronic library, exercises, and review ratings with the objects, as well as all relevant information and activities related to the school using tablet and their report cards. Some exams in certain subjects will be done on tablets. Every student in the school has a locker in which he can put books, school supplies and sports equipment. For greater safety of pupils the School has video surveillance system.