St. Sava Day Celebration

St. Sava Day Celebration

The holiday St. Sava was celebrated in High School UŠĆE.

This holiday is one of the biggest temples and family holidays, it is usualy celebrated by craftmen. It is also proclaimed as schools’ slava.

On January 14, 1236 (January 27th), the St. Sava – Rastko Nemanjić ended his life and the church determined that this day celebrates the memory of the life and work of St. Sava.

Students and employees of High School UŠĆE celebrated this holiday in a appropriate way: an anthem, a cake, a candle, serving, cakes and, of course, hosts and guests. The host of the slava Vanja (second-grade student) and the hostess Natalija (first-grade student) welcomed their guests and friends from the High School UŠĆE – Trstenik, who performed a beautiful show dedicated to the life of St. Sava.

The celebration was followed by the young virtuoso on the trumpet – Jakov Firez, student of the 4th grade of the Elementary Music School Kornelije Stankovic. This ceremony was attended by founders of the Integrated Educational System for Social and Natural Sciences, which is an integral part of our school. Mr. Michail Pappas, the Principal of High School in Greece – General High School of Velestino (Geniko Likio Velestinou) also attended today’s ceremony.

We hope you enjoy the photos that carry part of the atmosphere from our celebration …