Studying the Bible

Studying the Bible

The Bible is called a  book over books. It is believed that all thruths abou life are contained in it and that it should only be understood in the right way.

Biblical texts played a crucial role when it comes to spreading of Christianity among Serbian people, as well as in the creation of poetics and the whole view of art of the Serbs. Through the biblical texts, Serbian literature takes over the heritage of world literature;  they tought  all later writers of the Middle Century how to establish literary expression and style, the poetic way of thinking.

Being acquainted with the essence and meaning of the Bible is not only important for religious reasons, because people have different perceptions and beliefs, but primarily because of the general culture and perception of some life puzzles.

The students of High School  UŠĆE  understood that and prepared a series of presentations related to biblical texts. The Legend of the Flood, the Word on the Mountains, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ from the perspective of young people.

It was inspiring to listen to them …