The Simulation of Job Interview

The Simulation of Job Interview

Why should we hire you? Numerate the three words that describe you? What is the biggest challenge for you? If you didn’t know how old you are, what would you say how old you are? Give me one of your faults and one virtue? How do you submit authority? How do you deal with pressures in the working environment? These are all the questions that are most often asked in job interview. These questions are not pleasant and compel candidates to deal with it in a moment, think about their answers, because the answers influence the decision who will be shortlisted.

These qustions were asked the students of High School UŠĆE, at the simulation of job interview, which was organized within the subject Contemporary Business Correspondence/ Business and Official Correspondence. Some students were more, while some were less successful. But, considering their age and life experience, such result is expected.

It is important to see what they can expect in such conversations, to learn to represent and explain their CV, but also to think about something that no one has ever asked them before. They have a lot to learn and to pass, and our main goal is to prepare them better for what is waiting for them when they leave the school.

See you in the second round …