Extracurricular activities

  To make our students respond to the demands of modern society by acquired education, which is conditioned by the rapid scientific and technological developments, in addition to the compulsory curriculum, it is organized and extracurricular activities with the aim of acquiring new knowledge and experience. In accordance with this it is organized for the students: section, guest lectures, creative workshops, tours, excursions, and visits to museums, theaters, and fairs and other relevant institutions and events.

In the modern world of education we are aware of the importance of involving students in a broad range of possible activities, which in addition to regular classes have a major role in the development of the young generation. Therefore, the expert team of the School pays special attention to the design and execution of extracurricular forms of work. In this way, students can try out their skills at various activities, where through the encounter with a number of smaller or larger challenges they can strengthen specific skills, discover their potential and develop their personality. Extracurricular activities are organized in accordance with the annual plan of work, school development plans and school programs. In the implementation of above-mentioned activities all the students, teachers and experts are included, depending on their interest and motivation.

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