High School UŠĆE (previous name – High School of Law and Economics) is a part of integrated education system (IOS) for social and natural sciences in Belgrade. School location is at Staro Sajmište 29 in Novi Beograd, in a building with modern equipment whose owner is the School.

Beside High School UŠĆE, this integrated education system for social and natural sciences also includes:
Faculty for Business Studies and Law
Faculty for Information Technologies and Engineering
Primary School KOSTA VUJIĆ
– Kindergatren KOSTA VUJIĆ


This integrated education system under one roof consolidates all levels of education and enables easy transition from one to another level. All members of IOS are accredited and they have all the necessary permits from relevant authorities of Republic of Serbia.


Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development 022-05-00028 / 2012-03 from July, 18th 2016 High School UŠĆE (former name: High School of Economics and Law in Belgrade) is verified for realization of curricula in the four-year education and education for the following educational profiles: Economic Technician, Legal Technician, Security Technician, Financial Administrator and Tourism Technician.




We want our school to become recognizable and stimulating environment for intellectual progress and development – where the teaching is modern, of high-quality, adjusted to the needs and interests of students and where everyone feels safe and accepted.






“School without borders in the acquisition of knowledge,” the abolition of all limits and barriers in education, which individuals often ask themselves, and develop ideas that the human potential in terms of knowledge acquisition is limitless. High school UŠĆE is a multifunctional school which provides optimal conditions for the development of personality, skills, habits, preparing students for further education and practical application of knowledge in everyday life.